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Why taking the IDC in Cebu with Course Director Darwin Bawasanta and Christophe Pace and become a PADI Instructor is your best decision.

CD Darwin
CD Christophe

Meet Course Director Darwin Bawasanta

A not so classic case of trading corporate boardrooms to IDC classrooms, Darwin is not your typical instructor turned course director. In fact, he built a career in business management, hopping from one start up company to another. He helps companies build their operations in the Philippines from scratch. He is the epitome of accomplishing and earning the highest spot in an organization where he belongs. That is without cutting corners or stepping on anyone's toes.

His Story

In 1999, he had the chance to take up scuba diving. He was lucky because his instructor was a course director. Right there and then, he knew that he will be a course director someday by following his instructor's footstep. However, his career as an executive put his dive career on the side track until he finally got the opportunity to take his IDC with Christophe in Phuket, Thailand. That is how their friendship started. Darwin is actively teaching all levels of scuba training. He is continuously seeking more knowledge, skills and experience by working and training with various course directors. By running IDCs in different places in the Philippines or taking new courses. Developing leaders is not new to Darwin so becoming a course director himself and conducting his own IDC was the next logical step in his career.

His Current Role

He is the founder of Dive Funatics, he focuses on attracting more people to scuba dive and to become marine conservation activists.

Darwin runs IDC in Cebu and in a few places in the Philippines. He selflessly imparts his genuine knowledge and experience in making one more attractive and more marketable as an instructor.

A Radical Philosophy

While others teach IDC to pass or beat the IE, at Dive Funatics, passing the IE is only a natural consequence because Darwin teaches the instructor development course properly and thoroughly. Instructor Exam (IE) is merely a validation, not a means to an end.

If you are looking to get the most out of your time and money, if you wanted to learn more than just how to teach the PADI courses, then you come to the right place.

Some of his PADI Awards

  • Silver PADI Course Director
  • Elite Instructor 2016 to 2019

His Diving Qualifications

  • PADI Course Director 
  • EFR Instructor Trainer
  • PADI Specialty Instructor Trainer in more than 15 areas:
    • Care For Children
    • Aware Coral Reef Conservation
    • Project Aware
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy
    • Aware Dive Against Debris
    • Emergency O2 Provider
    • Deep
    • Digital Underwater Photography
    • Enriched Air Nitrox
    • Night
    • Search & Recovery
    • Wreck
    • Sidemount
    • Self Reliant
    • Full Face Mask
    • Delayed SMB

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