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We always believe that getting your scuba diving lessons from a reputable center like Dive Funatics doesn’t have to break the bank, nor the quality has to be compromised. We strongly stand by our principle that we make a difference in creating new breed of marine activists and conservationists by first immersing them to the beauty of what lies beneath or ocean. The best way to do that is by making the entry scuba diving courses like open water course and advanced open water course affordable from time to time, especially to the locals. Thus creating a win-win situation every time!

We developed various strategies to increase our operational yield, maximize our revenue, while maintaining the quality of service that we are famously known for even if we from time to time offer deals and give back to our community. This is a result of years of successful corporate governance and seasoned management at work. Rest assured that all deals we offer are fully supported, professionally ran, completely transparent and fully compliant to the PADI Training Standards.

Learn to Scuba Dive with PADI, get Certified in Mactan and get quality training, in a tropical weather, at reasonably priced courses.

Get more savings when booking courses during long weekends, partially booked dates and last minute flash deals!

Contact us, send us an email to find out if we have any last minute deals before booking your course.

Get your PADI Dive Certification with Dive Funatics - The most recognized dive certification in the world today!

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